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Charlotte Spence





Name: Charlotte 'Lottie' Spence 

Height: 157cm

Weight: 65kg

Birthplace: Manchester 

Home Box: Esprit De Corps and SYSTM programming from Crossfit 8020 Northern Ireland.

Career Highlights: 1st place at Battle of the Beasts 2015, 2nd place at the Irish Throwdown 2015, 4th place at the British Championships 2015 and more recently 6th place at The Athlete Games 2016.  

Career Goal: Regionals 2016/2017 as either individual or team.

Sporting Background: I am an Army Physical Training Instructor and as such have competed within the military in Cross Country and Triathlon. I also have a background in Rock & Ice climbing as well as mountaineering, a love for this I share with my husband. 

Sponsors: Spartan Fit, Iron Elite.

Bio: I work as a Exercise Rehabilitation Instructor in the Royal Army Physical Training Corps, I am married and have one beautiful little boy who is nearly 5.

I have spent nearly 11 years within the Military, 8 in the Military Police before transferring into the PT Corps and gaining my rehabilitation qualifications.  

I was introduced to the idea of CrossFit through work, however I only discovered the world of competitive CrossFit and olympic lifting when I started training with CrossFit athlete Barry Mairs (CrossFit 8020). The Athlete Games 2015 was my first major individual competition where I was extremely pleased to place 44th. I have been hooked ever since. 

I now follow an individualised program from CrossFit 8020 where I constantly get to chase down Emma Mquaid, sometimes I even win.. if its in the swimming pool. 

The program sees me training at least twice a day, my coach Neil Laverty is always pushing me to better myself and believe I have what it takes to make a competitive athlete. 

I love CrossFit but I have to say that I  do miss the occasional 10 mile run... just don't tell that to my coach.  

Favourite Exercise: Burpees, Double Unders, Rowing... anything that makes me sweat.  

  If Emma does it, then Im going to too #EatCake.




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