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The Spartan Fit 'WARRIOR' series of Functional Fitness Rigs

 Spartan Fit Functional Fitness Rigs are designed and manufactured in the UK and come in both 'Floor Mounted' and 'Wall Mounted' options. They are both simple and effective and offer a great training platform.

The rigs are 'Modular' and typically configured in 1.22m and 1.80m stations with the 'Modular' aspect allowing for additional stations to be added as your business develops.

Spartan Fit offer a range of 'Attachments' that are compatible with all of our rigs that allow for a wider range of exercise and functionality.

Our rigs are primarily designed for use in Crossfit Affiliates, Gyms, Universities, Military establishments, Boxing / MMA gyms, Functional Fitness facilities along with Garage gyms but this is not exhaustive.

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